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Band Bio

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Metal Illusion is a four-piece Metal Rock Band from Moreno valley California, Who are serious about their music. They have been together since 2000, and are making a great impression to all that hear and see them perform.

Playing heavy metal and pushing individuality, Metal Illusion has drawn the attention of Magazines, Newspapers, T V Shows and Club Promoters. They are endorsed by GHS Guitar Strings. And are Winners for the “Best Inland Empire Band” at the Rock City Music awards in Hollywood. Metal flows through these guys’ veins, they’re kicking ass and taking names. With their songs of power-blast-beat laden classic metal, mixed up with new cutting edge metal that makes any fan of the genre hungry for more. The lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ron Estrada Jr. is an excellent front man of the group, he’s a natural born performer. On bass David Kerber, his driving bass rhythm’s keeps the music pumping and the heads banging. On drums Jason Hamblin, his remarkable footwork on a double bass drum set elevates the band beyond just a knock-off band. On lead guitar Matt Wellenreuther, who’s shredding lead guitar skills are extraordinary. Metal Illusion plays mostly original songs, and do some cover songs. They have a unique style and heavy laden sound, They are very impressive on stage, and are natural born performers. Their influences are Pantera, MegaDeth, Metallica, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Dream Theatre. This is power metal and its for real. Daring to go against the tides of popular Trendy music. Metal Illusion encourages individuality in music and the truth of playing what is in your heart. (You’d be hard pressed to find anything much better than this outside of Germany and the 1980s.)…Jeff Keeper Magazine.